What we are about

Motivated by Christian values and the belief that people matter, Fusion works to see transformation in individual lives and the community through a wide range of local initiatives.

To achieve this can mean dealing with the most practical needs; whether that’s helping a young person to find a safe place to live, providing a hands-on way to learn when the classroom just doesn’t work, or even scaling a mountain with a nervous teen who is building self-confidence.

In sixteen locations around Australia, Fusion brings a unique perspective to each community and works with locals to make a lasting change. Because the needs of each community are different, no two Fusion Centres are the same.


Our Vision

Transformed communities where young people thrive.

Our Mission

Engaging creatively with communities to bring life.

Who We Are

Fusion Australia is a Youth and Community movement of people motivated by Christian values and the belief that people matter.

Our Values

Justice: Recognising the boundaries that are an integral part of all aspects of life.

Mercy: The capacity to see life from the perspective of another.

Compassion: Moving past our own self-absorption to love & care for others & the world around us.

Respect: Recognising that every person has priceless value and all have a gift that we are only able to receive when we see them as separate and unique individuals.

Industry: Recognising that we all have a contribution to make to society and that we will only be fully alive when we are free to exercise our unique gifts productively.

Our Story

Fusion is a Christian youth and community organisation which emerged as a creative response to socially-at-risk young people in Australia in 1960. Today, Fusion has thousands of staff and volunteers in 18 teams and centres around Australia.

Fusion is also involved in 14 other countries including the United Kingdom, Greece, Albania, Canada, the Caribbean, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Indonesia, India and the South Asian region.

In working with the disadvantaged, we have observed growth in resilience among those who find purpose in the context of community. That resilience equips individuals and families to deal with life’s difficulties and produces capacity to care for others.

Where We Are

Street address: 1 – 5 Jersey St, Hornsby NSW 2077
Phone: (02) 9477 1110
Email: sydneynorth@fusion.org.au
Web: sydneynorth.fusion.org.au

Want to join the team?

There are heaps of ways for you to get involved. Get in touch and let’s find the perfect spot for you.