Hillview Farms Support Fusion (and vice versa)

We love a win-win situation and this is certainly one of those!

Hillview farms are a group of farmers producing fresh local produce while trying to cut out the middle man (read big supermarkets) while also supporting local charities (including Fusion!). This is an easy way for you to eat well and support Fusions local work all at the same time!

Here’s how it Works

To order online go to www.hillviewfarms.com.au  As a one time opening offer if you put in the code NTH20 – you will get 20% off your first order!  (You will need to choose Fusion Sydney North as your charity of choice). Then simply visit Hillview farms in Hornsby Mall on Thursday to collect your delicious fresh fruit and veg or they will deliver to your door. (Online orders need to be done 24 hours in advance). How good is that!

We love the Hillview Farm Story!  Read more about it here or go to their website to see some video footage.

“We started this business a few years ago after a call to “return to life in nature” led to the purchase of an apple orchard as well as the chestnut farm next door. We decided to start small and head to Sydney with one farm stand to sell our apples and a handful of other vegetables. As we shared our story and demand grew, we began connecting with our neighbours and farm friends to supply more and more stock. Our one stand grew to several stands as well as an online store with home deliveries.

As farmers ourselves, we understand the unique struggle that other growers face daily. As produce people, we love ugly food! The big chain supermarkets don’t quite feel the same. All crops face sale price uncertainty due to the aesthetic standards in place at most major retailers. This leaves farmers with uncertain returns from selling through these avenues, making it more and more difficult to cover the cost of operations.

The rise of convenience food and grocery stores has allowed societies to completely disconnect from where food comes from. Consumers now have access to a variety of uniform looking fruits and vegetables all year round and have forgotten how to eat with the seasons. Our difference is that we choose foods that are ripe when we pick them, not six weeks in advance.

Ultimately, we decided it was time to make a change that would allow greater benefits for all. We cut out the middleman to ensure that our farmers get up to 60% more for the produce they grow. We work with real people that we know, like, and trust to deliver the freshest produce picked at peak ripeness. This system is better for our farmers, the planet, and most importantly our customers. Access to fresh produce that offers the highest nutritional value is our top priority. Our passionate staff are here to tell the story of each item that we sell so you know exactly where it came from, how it was grown, and what type of health benefits that it offers. We want to change the way people feel about food by showing them how good it is supposed to taste and how great it can help them feel.

We have you, the customer, and our community in mind with everything we do. That’s why we donate 10% of all online sales to local charities. We believe that our work is about creating a community of like-minded individuals who are interested in changing the health and wealth of this world, one bite at a time!”

Please be advised that our office phone number is currently out of service. Until such time as we are able to resolve this issue, please contact us via the Fusion Op Shop on 02 9477 5669.